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Design your own......

Join Marvel and DC Comics artist Gary Erskine for a Design Your Own... workshop. The single one-hour session will give you the tips and creative building blocks needed to design your own character during the class and beyond! Is it going to be a hero or villain? Monster or alien? Or the Next Big Comic Movie character? Discover what your imagination can create with just a few short lessons and only a pen and paper. Who knows where it will lead? Work with friends to create your own stories and characters and be part of a larger world!

Materials will be supplied.

Pre-Bookings advised. Please email your interest to Lewis Mackenzie - You will receive an email to notify you if you have been successful, confirmation will be required to take with you, either printed version or digital using your phone.

Email Subject should read for:

Saturday: GE Workshop Sat 8th July (Your Name)

Sunday: GE Workshop Sun 9th July (Your Name)

Gary Erskine Bio:

Gary Erskine has worked for MARVEL, DC Comics, Vertigo, Dark Horse and IMAGE Comics with writers Garth Ennis, Mark Millar, Grant Morrison and Warren Ellis on characters such as Judge Dredd, Captain America and Hellblazer, and licenses including Star Wars, Star Trek, Terminator and Doctor Who. Other series include The Massive with Brian Wood and Alex De Campi's Grindhouse series. His latest release is Frontlines: Requiem with Ivan Brandon and Yel Zamor for AMAZON imprint Jet City Comics. Requiem is a four issue mini-series based on the FRONTLINES novel series and world written by Marko Kloos.

He teaches storyboards to film students at Glasgow's Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and provides workshops for schools and colleges throughout the UK. He also provides concept design work for the games industry, film and television.

He is currently working on the roller derby inspired series ROLLER GRRRLS, a creator-owned project with writer Anna Malady to be released this year. He plans to follow that with the horror western Zachariah Gunn: Dakota and road movie inspired Incendiary.US.

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Wildwoodz LaserTag Activity

We are pleased to confirm that Wildwoodz Paintball will be attending NessCon this summer and will be putting on a LaserTag activity program.

Wildwoodz is the highlands premier outdoor activities venue – trading since 2005. We offer paintball, mini-paintball, Lasertag, Archery, Combat Archery, Axe throwing and Bushcraft. They are the only Paintball venue that is a Visit Scotland 5 star rated in the Highlands and at less than 10 minutes drive from the Kessock bridge they are also the closest to Inverness!

Prices are £2.00 per person per game and can be bought on the day of the event.

They will be attending NessCon on both the 8th & 9th July 2017


Water Dancing Class with Miltos Yerolemou

Are you wanting to be the next Arya Stark, from Game of Thrones, then learn the 'Water Dance' that Arya learned from her Dance master Syrio Forel. "There is only one god and his name is Death, and there is only one thing we say to Death: 'Not today.'

Miltos will be holding a Water Dancing Class 1 session per day for 60 minutes. SPACES ARE EXTREMELY LIMITED booking in advance is highly recommended!

Class Cost: £25.00 per person

Attendee must also have a valid NessCon ticket to be granted entry into the Water Dance Class.

How to Book

To book the Water dance Class in advance please email the following details to



Date of Class (Sat 8th, Sun 9th)

Contact Number:

Payment will be made prior to the event, and you will be presented with an email to produce at the registration table at the event to exchange for your voucher. Failure to turn up for the class on the day will result in No refund applicable.

Disclaimer Water Dancing Classes are subject to be canceled should Miltos Yerolemou be unable to attend the event due to work commitments etc., should this be the case a member of the Highland Heart Events team will contact you and notify you of this, your monies will be returned within 14 days of notification.

The Nerfery

John Nicolson aka Wee John has over 20 years experience of owning and playing with nerf guns 10 years working for Games Workshop painting models

2 years of modding nerf guns

The Nerfery is officially one year old now
They offer internal modds external mods , hand painting , hydrodipping , they attend cons around Scotland and can also provide a shooting range in addition to our stall, this will be taking place at NessCon find us on the lawn on Eden Court Theatre on both Saturday and Sunday and pay us a visit.

Activity is Free, we would ask that you support our charity and provide a donation to the bucket that will be at the range. See you there

Gaming Workshop

1) Magic The Gathering Hour of Devastation Pre-Release

Time 12pm start

Entry: £25 Limited to 10 people

Format: Sealed

Prizes: Boosters

2) MTG 4 person Amonkeht Mini Masters event

Time: On Demand When 4 people signed up

Entry: £10

Format: Sealed

Prizes: Booster + Promo

3) Sit and Play Boardgames

Time: All Day

Entry: £5 per person (covers all day use)

Format: Casual Play grab a game and play.

For tickets contact Jason at