Be our guest

Be our guest

Put our 'planning' to the test Tie your 'cape' 'round your neck, cherie And we provide the rest... and so on. Our wee homage to the recent apadptation of Disney's Beauty & The Beast.

We at NessCon are pleased to welcome all our Entertainment, Comic and Cosplay Guests to the event. In our first ever year we want to ensure that our event is intimate and enjoyable, we have not gone overboard with our Guest list, all though we have so many guests we want to grace Scotland and the Capital of the Highlands Inverness!

We hope you enjoy meeting these guests, and remember we are always welcome to feedback on who you want to see at our convention, please email our team at

All Guests appear subject to work commitments and can cancel at any point up to the show date, refunds on entry tickets cannot be offered. Photo sessions will be refunded should a guest not be available to participate.