Gaming Workshops at NessCon

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20th February 2017
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We are very pleased to be working with a local gaming shop from Inverness, Ellerium Games.

Jason who runs the shop on Lombard Street in Inverness will be attending the first Comic-Con Inverness has seen in 5 years.

Ellerium Games will be hosting a number of workshops throughout the weekend and can be found below.


1) Magic The Gathering Hour of Devastation Pre-Release

Time 12pm start
Entry: £25 Limited to 10 people
Format: Sealed
Prizes: Boosters

2) MTG 4 person Amonkeht Mini Masters event

Time: On Demand When 4 people signed up
Entry: £10
Format: Sealed
Prizes: Booster  + Promo

3) Sit and Play Boardgames

Time: All Day
Entry: £5 per person (covers all day use)
Format: Casual Play grab a game and play.

For tickets to any of the above workshops please contact Jason at

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