Cosplay Guests


We are very pleased to be working with a local Cosplayer Kris Kirkwood, Kris portrayed in the above picture as Kylo Ren from Star Wars the Force Awakens and the forthcoming Star Wars the Last Jedi, Cosplayed for the KN Magazine this Spring to promote Cosplay for the North and to promote NessCon, he will be out and about over the weekend at NessCon ready to take pictures with all you First Order followers and be able to give his experience in being a Cosplayer should you wish to know more. He will be raising funds for a local charity, he would appreciate if you could spare a few pound and donate to his bucket.


Superman will be at Inverness Comic Con both days to walk the halls and interact with you and the family For a photo or just want a talk then don't be afraid. The Man Of Steel stands for hope and hopes to see you all there.