Comic Highway

Comic Highway

At NessCon we want to provide a vast array of artists, comic book writers and retailers for you to browse as well as a full program of events.

We are pleased with a number of Exhibitors that will be attending the event over the 8th & 9th July 2017 at Eden Court Theatre.

Please browse through our Artist Alley Page, Retailer, and Comic Book Writers Pages to see who is coming.

Two weeks prior to the event we will show our Map of the venue which will cover the area of the One Touch Theatre and the Stalls Foye where our exhibitors will be homed for the weekend.

Card payments will be available. We strongly suggest however that cash is taken for purchasing of items. Please ensure you have a safe compartment to store all cards and cash.

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NessCon is not response bile for lost or damaged items at the event.